Happy Lohri


Lohri is normally a very festive time in Punjab as it celebrates the new Harvest, New Year and the upcoming warmer weather. Newborns and newlyweds are also are celebrated during their 1st Lohri.

This year will be different though….I’m saddened by the farmers that aren’t able to celebrate with their loved ones. Due to current concerns with India’s legislation many are currently protesting. It is the largest protest in human history & has been happening for over a month now. These farmers will not be celebrating during Lohri this year. I’ve decided to make a snack recipe incorporating farmed items such as (popped) corn & peanuts. Both of these are usually thrown into the bonfire during Lohri.

Thank you, Farmers for the ingredients of our every day meals.

To learn more about the protest, visit the following pages:
@khalsaaidusa , @sikhcoalition@trolley_times_official@sahaita

To honor these farmers, we have prepared our Lohri Crunch Popcorn. We named it this because we love the crunch!! It is sweet, salty, crunchy and you won’t be able to stop yourself from eating them!!

The Ingredients:
1/4 cup popcorn kernels
1 bag of caramel popcorn 7 oz
1/4 cup honey roasted peanuts (crushed)
1/4 cup salted peanuts (crushed)
1/4 cup chocolate chips
1/4 cup peanut butter chips
2 (3/4 tsp) avocado oil

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